Fast-track procedure for skilled workers

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As of 1. March 2020 Germany has a fast-track “Skilled Immigration Act”. It promotes the immigration of skilled workers to Germany. Through the fast-track procedure, the process is now faster and easier than it used to be. The new procedure aims to limit the wait for visa application appointments at the German diplomatic representation in your employee’s home country to a maximum of three weeks – provided the Federal Employment Office provides prior approval of employment in Germany where required. If your employee’s family is planning to join them in Germany, this should be possible after a maximum of six months.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, the Cologne district government is responsible for the procedure. The fee for this official immigration service is 411 euros as per §81a of the immigration act.

The rheinland agentur agency arranges and takes care of this procedure on your behalf. When you and your new employee provide us with your power of attorney, we coordinate all required processes, compile the required documents, obtain any necessary translations and are available as a point of contact. Where required, we have professional and academic degrees verified and credentials assessed. This way, we ease the burden for your human resources department and make your new skilled worker familiar with the initial official processes in Germany.