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The rheinland agentur

As a relocation service in Cologne, we offer all services connected to your employees’ and their families’ relocation to Rhineland. We support your company in hiring new skilled personnel from abroad or with the fast-track procedure for skilled workers.

We assist companies by being the point of contact for their human resources department or their new skilled workers when it comes to questions regarding entry into Germany, residence and work permits or other official matters. We organise all necessary procedures for immigration and minimise delays.

We support your new employees in finding an apartment and throughout the entire administrative process of their relocation, thus smoothing the way for their “arriving in Rhineland”. This way, your new skilled workers can focus on their new job right away without having to seek support, because they have us as a solid, neutral point of contact in their new and foreign environment.




Claudia Heithorst is founder and owner of the "rheinland agentur".
Facility Expert


Facility Expert
Heike supports the rheinland agency with her profound real estate knowledge ...
Project Manager


Project Manager
Claudia asist the rheinland agency with her commercial experience.
Project Manager


Project Manager
Nicole is the contact person for people who leave their home country for the first time ...
Relocation Managerin Ffm


Relocation Managerin Ffm
Annette oversees the Frankfurt am Main area for the Rheinland agency.


Orion Engineered Carbons GmbH
Toyota Deutschland GmbH
m.Doc GmbH
Alvotech Germany GmbH
Aurubis Stolberg GmbH & Co. KG
Greator GmbH

Emerson Climate Technologies GmbH
Adama Deutschland GmbH
Turtle Entertainment GmbH
MCM Klosterfrau Vertriebs GmbH
Martinswerk GmbH

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