Briefing “Living in the Rhineland”

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Briefing “Living in the Rhineland” serve as a preparation for your employees for their new life in the Rhineland.

In addition to the applicant-procedure or after the conclusion of a employment contract, our briefings concerning “Living in the Rhineland” serve as a preparation for your employees for their new living conditions in the Rhineland. People who have left their familiar environments and move to a new and foreign environment often have questions. They have to reorganize their daily lives. Good preparation including commitment from your company, makes moving easier for them.
It is not always easy for new employees from foreign cultures to adapt the culture and mentality of the Rhineland. The region has its own metalitiy and laws, in addition to those of Germany itself. Our 1 1/2-hour briefings answer questions about the living situation locally and we hand out information material on what we are talking about.
We will answer your new employee´s questions and provide advice about
  • Housing market situations and trends for where to live and why living there is especially popular
  • Ancillary living costs
  • Cost of living in the Rhineland: What do you have to spend money on (car, insurance, pre-school)
  • Child benefits
  • Kindergarten and school situation
  • Recreation
  • Associations, organizations and clubs
  • Excursions, especially for families
  • Festive seasons and holidays in the Rhineland
Prepared for a job and life in the Rhineland.
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