The agency – Relocation-Service rheinland agentur: Arriving in the Rhineland

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rheinland Agentur: Arriving in the Rhineland

Our vision, our mission: Arriving in Rhineland.

The rheinland agentur agency headquartered in Cologne was founded by Claudia Heithorst. The motivation behind its founding was to help professionals who are new to the region in orienting themselves and settling in quickly. With our team of permanent and freelance employees, we offer individualised relocation services. All our consultants have lived abroad and learned to adapt to new cultures and they are very much familiar with administrative immigration processes. Due to our regional roots, we are committed, empathetic and have a great local network.

We ensure that your new employees will quickly overcome any insecurities related to their new professional setting. We take on all procedures connected to hiring, entry and arrival in Germany. This way, your new skilled workers can put all their energy into their new professional beginning. True to our motto, we help with: Arriving in Rhineland. Our strengths are

– readiness to perform all services

– clear communication

– inter-personal competence

– rigorous organisation.

If you have any questions about our relocation services, please contact us at +49 (0) 221 430 05 75 or use the contact form provided.

We are committed:

– Member of the Cologne economic committee

– Member of the registered society for the promotion of the Cologne-Barcelona sister-city arrangement