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rheinland Agentur: Arriving in the Rhineland

Our Vision, our Mission: Arriving in the Rhineland. Situated in Cologne, the rheinland agentur was founded by Claudia Heithorst in 2012. Her motivation was to provide guidance to people who newly relocated into the area for professional reasons and to help create social environments and make them feel at home here. Our experienced multilingual team offers indivdual relocation services for companies. All of our consultants have lived abroad for many years and learned to adapt to foreign cultures. As Rhinland natives with roots in the region, we are committed, empathetic and well-connected locally. We know the big cities of the region just as well as its rural areas.
Through our knowledge, contacts and love for the Rhineland we will make sure that your new employees will feel welcome and at home here, remove some of the burden of moving and allow them to dedicate all of their energy to their new professional start – just like the motto: Arriving in the Rhineland! This guiding principle allows us to make sure that your domestic and foreign employees will like to live and stay here. We support their long-term integration into your company and, thereby, promote stability and continuity. Our strengths are
– extensive real estate market experience
– communication
– relationship management
– local Networking.
Should you have any questions about our relocation services or would like a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us at +49 (0) 221 430 05 75 or use our first contact.
We are engaged:
– Member of the Economic Comittee City of Cologne
– Member of the Association for the Advancement of the town twinning Cologne-Barcelona e. V.